The Brazilian Games Market

Brazil is one of the most interesting emerging markets for video games right now. With a population of nearly 200 Million and a strong gaming culture it has huge potential, especially in the free to play area where the higher costs of traditional video games are a barrier to entry for those on comparatively lower wages.

For many this rapid ascension has come out of nowhere but for those who work globally the signs have been there for some time.

Brazil is a very social, community driven, internet culture, full of enthusiasts who have yet to be made overly cynical to advertising and brand awareness.

If you make or distribute games then Brazil is definitely a market you need to be looking at. There is a ready made community waiting to love what you do, though its not without its issues. PC piracy is rampant and console penetration as a percentage of the overall market relatively small. The future of the games market in Brazil is seemingly free to play and mobile, which is growing faster than household broadband take-up. However with a large population and burgeoning middle class there are niches for most models.

Keys to Winning in Brazil

  • Localisation
  • Payment Methods: Boleto Bancario
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Social: Facebook & Orkut
  • Marketing
  • Social
  • Mobile and Tablet
  • Portals

Below is a recent presentation I created on the Brazilian video games market and Brazilian marketing that covers the main observations and trends.


  1. Brazilian Portuguese will be much more better :)

    1. Quite right! And just the level of detail you need to be checking when localising products and marketing. The more you understand and respect your market the better the results you will get.

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  3. Great Job! Congratulations! :)

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